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 Application Template!

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Application Template! Empty
PostSubject: Application Template!   Application Template! Icon_minitimeTue Apr 26, 2011 6:35 am

For both the benefit of the recruitment officer and the person applying we at [Rws.] ask that you copy and paste the following details and fill in the blanks to improve the setup of the system.

Personal information

Playstation Information!
Previous PSN:
Years playing PS3:
Games you currently own:(any COD games and other online play games)
What Mic are you using:
Can you Host:

Clan Information!
Previous clans:
Reason for clan change:
Any leadership Roles:
Why you choose [Rws.]:
What can you give to the [Rws.] Team:

Gaming stats!
Black ops
Win/loss Ratio:
Kill/Death Ratio:
Days played:
Preferred Game Modes:

The more pride you take in your application the more [Rws.] see your determination, you only get one chance to get our trust so use it wisely.
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Application Template!
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