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 This is enough!

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This is enough! Empty
PostSubject: This is enough!   This is enough! Icon_minitimeSat Apr 30, 2011 4:44 am

i have been watching the forums for the last few days while it has been open and im am disgusted.
so far there is spam in almost every forum and its from the same people, you should all know the consequences and yet you continue to do it anyway, its not that hard to stay on topic, just read the rules about spamming and you will know what you can write.

Ive tried to deletre all the spam but ive had enough, the more i delete the more people spam, as of now this is the final chance, there will be no reviving from a team-mate just straight out you spam and you die sort of shit. I ask that you all read the ban consequences and work out what you would rather do.

As of this moment anyone that spams where they arent mrnt to will get a ban, i ask that you all stop, its making the site untidy.

Scheithy out.
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This is enough!
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