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 Rules to Abide Bye!

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PostSubject: Rules to Abide Bye!   Rules to Abide Bye! Icon_minitimeMon Apr 25, 2011 1:27 pm

Forum Guidelines

The Following Guidelines that are outlined, have been declared to provided understanding of what is and isnt tolerated when in the comfort of this website. The following are the main topics used as the basis for the [Rws.] Guidelines:

- Ensure a friendly Atmosphere towards both people who are members of the website and those just browsing. (Rws. members and those trialling)
-Maintain piracy of both ourselves and that of others.
-Abide bye the laws of the website and the Australian Government. (That does mean no Porn)
-Use the Forums and website in a respectful way, Prevent any material that may harm the website or any services that are provided for the website users.
-Free-Speech is to be encouraged and all details provided is to be taken into a mature way.

Harassment and Discrimination.
The use of terms or media that are reffering to a persons, Race, Heritage, Age, Colour, Religion or their SEX in general is extremely frowned upon in the [Rws.] society.
You will be in violation of this Guideline if you post or Private message is insulating, Promotes a feeling of hate, encourages any means of violence, Shows a sense of hatred to a certain culture or religion or is depicting a certain, colour, race or gender to be disgraceful.

A violation of this guideline will occur if your username is offensive towards a persons, age, gender, Race or there religion. The braking of this guideline will cause a cancellation of the username or a changing (depending of the amout of trouble it causes), The user will also be asked to make a new username without a chance to refuse.

After reading this we at Renegades hope you can all stay in the right line of duty and not bother us at any stage.
Designated areas throughout the forum will be provided for the comfortabe of all forum viewers. Spamming is also a part of this forum which is why we ask that you only spam in areas tat are desgined for this type of posting.
Types of spamming:
- Double posting (re-posting a previous post)
- Posts that are not needed to the topic.
- Posting messages that repeat something already expressed.
- Post-Count farming (posting to increase post count.
- Advertising (Blantant use of advertisement)
- Chain mail, Pyramid and other posts that are linked.
- Messages without Content.

The Breaking of this guideline, will encourage the need of the moderators to , Remove all post counts, Reduce post count to 0 or ban you from the Webiste for a selected amount of time.

Moderation and Bans
- Evading a ban is illegal. Making a new account while banned will see your banned doubled or evn deleted.
-the discussion of a deleted account, banned account, deleted post or other deleted matter while in a forum will see you removed from all clan activity or from the website al together. All complaints are to be filed to a Moderator or to Scheithemister, after the message is read it will be worked out.
-You may not re-edit a message after a moderator has.
-You cannot crete a forum for a banned member of forum user, this will see your account baneed or deleted with them.
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Rules to Abide Bye!
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